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Christmas 2015smHowdy!

“Grizzly & The Bear Patrol” is written, penciled, inked and lettered by Kybearfuzz, which is my pen name.  I’m Mark Parmon.

I’ve been collecting and reading comic books for nearly 40 years and been drawing for that long as well.  Yeah… I’m old! For years, I’d been creating superheroes, but I finally got around to create full comic books only a few years ago.

“Grizzly & The Bear Patrol” came about because there was rarely (if ever) any gay superheroes that looked like me and the guys I like.  One by one the team was created during my many travels.  Creating the comics themselves was addictive, as after the first issue I just couldn’t stop myself from making the next issue.

I’ll be adding new issues to the site as I get time to create them.  I hope you enjoy reading the adventures of my bear heroes.

Feel free to add any comments or ask any questions here.

Mark (aka kybearfuzz)

©2009-2017 Grizzly & The Bear Patrol™ – by Mark Parmon (Kybearfuzz). All rights reserved.


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